Jason Lee & The Cyclones

Jason Lee & the Cyclones copyWhen it’s time to rock it’s time for the CYCLONES!! It’s our business to bring the fun to any venue, and business is good. Three guys with an extensive musical background with the sole purpose of bringing the illusive “Good Times” back to the people. Many have called our group one of the most powerful bands they have ever seen, You just won’t hear the music you’ll feel it!! We are not talking about being loud, Even though we have an extremely powerful, state of the art sound system and light show, Our passion for music can be seen, felt and experienced ever time we play!!

We also have our own stage and enough equipment to put on outdoor concerts and an extensive wardrobe for any occasion. Most songs are choreographed and be prepared to laugh, not only do we play music we have an awesome stage show as well. So get ready to dance, relax, laugh and have a good time, Get ready for the CYCLONES!!!†


Headed up by none other than national recording artist JASON “LIGHTNING” LEE on lead guitar and lead vocals. Rockin’ the doghouse Bass is the infamous “Russo”. Known for his onstage antics and dominating stage presence. On drums is Blake Johnson, laying down the sure to dance beats.

Thanks to all of are fans and all those who support us, all the great times we have had and we owe that TO YOU!†

We look forward to seeing you soon and once again rockin’ like thereís no tomorrow.


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