Ink and Ash

In this life, we spend our days in blissful ignorance as to what lies ahead. We work, we play, we dream, we live. In this chain of every days, there is sometimes a beginning, like any other, that is fated to hold within it a moment forever life altering, and sometimes life feeding.

March 18th, 2011 was the day Nicki Thrailkill and Gareth Asher’s worlds collided. Two souls met under a full moon’s sky, on the same patch of earth, in the same blink in time. Two souls – discovering in each other someone to keep safe and sound throughout this adventure of living. On the second day, they wrote about it; breathing into existence the musical manifestation of love and wonder; pouring from their hearts to yours the magic that lies deep beneath the skin and bones of us all, waiting to be released.

This music is like a raw, uncut stone with hidden magic. Hold it in your hands, your hearts, your souls. Feel the vibration and be healed.

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